the Parker Meridien EP (produced by Mr. Ridley)

by Parker Edison (of P&T/FamRoyal)




released April 9, 2016

R. Ridley, J. Thomas, R.R. Parker, D. Harumi, J. Smith, L. Sgambati, L. Henshaw and P. Edison

all artwork by Natalie Jacobs (



all rights reserved


Parker Edison (of P&T/FamRoyal) San Diego, California

At a time when many artists clog Twitter feeds and Facebook timelines with incessant, ALL CAPS self-promotion, Parker &TheNumberman lay in the cut, quietly rebirthing the “cool.” It’s the same type of cool that Miles Davis fathered in 1957. Parker & The Numberman’s name and music are already being passed around like San Diego’s best kept secret. But soon, everyone will be in on that secret too. ... more

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Track Name: Park City

This is P A R K CITY aka the great dark city

The order is no particulaaaar
swig up some liquor
twist a stick of licoriiiiiice
get me to Icarus
fill it up
a philly like illadelf
well like a digger had dug

(wait. wait. wait. say that again)

fill it up
a philly like illadelf
well like a digger had dug
I sell like Celica
an elegant elephant
i Ella Fitzgerald them
then tap em like Gregory Hines to let em know let me in
but wait...

This is P A R K CITY aka the great dark city
Real block stars
Smoke more la
Do it til the view is playin tricks on ya [energy]

10 tons combustible
half heathen and Huxtable
filth flarn feelin all fucked up at a festival
the opposite
that means I'm mean
youll see teeth
a beast eating beats I feast
la femme Nikita's?
eat em like divas pink
pu****s get popped by the cock
what the f*** didju dmmm think
thats Evolve and I am P
by now we're known on the streets
1/2 of the fantastic4 hes Reed Richards I'm Thing
but waiiiiiit...!

- hook -

call me the slickest and ni**as could not f**k w us
word for word limited edition x3
whatchu get on this one?
hit after hit
right after the other til ur speakers jus be bustin
it's a sound thatchu can trust in
I'm all in but gota lust and its for cash
the money
the moolah
the green

This is P A R K CITY aka the great dark city
Real block stars
Smoke more laaaaaaa

This is P A R K CITY aka the great dark city
Real block stars
Smoke more la
Do it til the musica playin tricks on ya

This is P A R K CITY
we gotta lust
for money the moola the green
Track Name: New Moon River

You need big boy ears on jus to hear me. hear me?
been at the Root of this since questlove was
rocking a Caesar
that Holly Robinson peete.
get it? Jump Street but

* this is that. that kiss of death
the girls the gams the cigarettes
*the bogeys in the blacknwhites
whodunnits u nvr guess moon river

for my cats that watch criterion
To further their criteria
my siskels and my eberts anywhere that there's a tv on mooon river

i write wen im wrong like sort of apology
so the lines in the song hava life of their own
a lighter and bong
im lightin like a black and mild white owl- lamenting on what my life bout
lightin up til lights out
this ain't no halfbaked movie flick
you d**k
this is coolkids
gon coo coo
concoctin Kubrick's

like chicks that use tutus
my crew
jus choose flicks

* we the type that read the book to go and watch the movie/ miss the previews cause we out smokin doobies

cool as cold gold and its jinglin
aww f*** it my last single here
was apefood don't tryta fuckaround w the kid
I been slanging spit
ya favvvvarite
known for the sound of the dangergergerous
by now ur all knowing the names and the clique PNC GMG

i started off as 2 eyes
then soon i
got glasses
I'm talkin to ya keep up wit me I'm flashin back b-backwards
back to the smoking gun detective flicks
the black and whites the cigarettes
u can smoke em on ur TV sets
this is that. that mr Ed
the girls the gams that never rest
the whodunnits ull never guess
Track Name: Red Ropes (interlude)

its 1 AM
if i take this shot of Patron, its gonna be on.
and im prolly not drinking alone so just gimme three more

it was a wednesday night and the bass was kickin and he knew every bouncer out in North Park'll let him from the front door lines to the red rope side and be right in the VIP. No waiiiiiiiting!!!!!

Guantanamera. Hello.
I'm not the fella every black cinderella'd call rich
however, i slid in through the velvet slick as Morris Day's leopard and i know you know the Time in this b**ch. Ha.

I don't really come for the drinks
i might have a few beers
and i aint into playing pool that much. No. That ain't the reason i'm here.
Imma slide past the whole dancefloor. When they they let me in the ropes, imma go.
I be right up in the DJ booths. I tell em what they wanna know. I don't ask em to play me no song. I jus give em one thought...GO!
Track Name: **Asterisks
classic shii
asked to risk everything
asked to kiss every ring
** by our names
(talk that shii)

I love your big pouty lips, Angelina!
and that Trinidad Jaaaames hook thatcha stealin!
and that Justin (Bieber)
I mean Justin (Timberlake)
I mean Usher song is crazy!

(u alright?)
from that droog.. I mean nas,
or that ghost and that action
its slim but when I chief? I jus keef on comparin em/
and if he did it or he didn't/
I seen they could get to anybody if they got cosby

(Eddie Griffin says..)

I made a new drinking game called 'f**k K****'/ where we contrast his critics by their opinion and race/ and drink a shot if they're white and speakin negatively/ and be drunk as a fu**in skunk by the end of the game

Track Name: October Thirty Fourth featuring Skinny Veny
Rappers always holler bout the westside. Well it's starting to feel like the westside of Germany.
The southside of Poland.
Don't tell me I'm the only one who can feel it.
For really? You ain't notice???
It's hot and gettin hotter. I ain't talking bout a toaster. Unless you're talking bout some bread or hotheads that's trying to hold it.
And in that case, I think they're trying to burn us. Pardon my wording, but I'm starting to the ones who saw the clues and all the glitches in the matrix and they came to a conclusion that something wasn't right in the air.
So they flew it.
Got on a jetplane. Passport and a suitcase. other news, I think Iraq moved to Chicago for the summer"
Track Name: Infinite Potential featuring 1019 the Numberman
"the bronx keeps creatin/ connecticut keeps takin it/ yeh she bout that bass but J.Lo was trainin her"
- this line is a reference to Meghan Trainors 'all about that bass' record.
Track Name: P's OV (interlude)
press play
Track Name: Getters
buenos Dias
get that coffee
and your tv on
if this was ch10 im right here on the scene y'all
givin you the up to the minute info dcha need and
now today's top story uh
is I'm out here doin Magic
they can't understaaand i started off w nthn
but I'm gone damnsure hava lot more after
cause buddy wen I say I'm from the bottom that's the bottom of the bottom
like they threw it out a couple times before my famlee got it
lotta thrift store shoppin and blue light specials
went a long ass way from them lunchcard menus wen I turned alla that into Qualcomm chips
'what they shouldashoulda seen is the check that they sent'
I put onnnn for my city like a padre
and I cain't
even dribble a ball, did it all w a pen
but whatchuwant
-(phone call)-

yeh I got dreams
these ain't those
ain't nthn free but the streets ain't closed, so let's go
jus get it
stay woke
* go getters
jus go
go get it
stay woke
* go getters
it don't matter what (x2)
it don't matter what time it isssss

we be busy out the city no phones can go get me/
gotta twit
I mean tweet
IG or FB me/
ima one man street team
greyhound to eve
ning flights some nights don't end til the next mornin
bored wen im airborne
and drinkin what their pourin
so I'm buzzed wen im answering texts in the airport and
at this-point
id jus like to dis-cuss
how some of the risks took by me, cleared path for my peers
some venues never had rap until my staff was in them /
addin in mathematics and stats/ they wasn't factoring/
writecha boy a check
you can keep your thank yous
liketa tell you good game is free but I can't dude
this is my career now
can't treat it like a habit
(and they can't seem to understand)
I had nutheeeeeng!!! Uhh!
but I for damnsure gota lot mo after

- phone call -