the Couch Tapes

by Parker Edison (of P&T/FamRoyal)

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Michael Allen Tryce Davis
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Michael Allen Tryce Davis SD hip hop at its finest! Favorite track: Apefood (street mix) feat Piff PCH and Odessa Kane.
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-----stuff from off my therapists couch-----


released February 22, 2014

J.King, J.Thomas, T.Stanley, A.Dent, O.Kane, P.Herrera, N.Stansfield, A.Davenport, Knxwledge, R.Baker , B.Principato
(Allmoney Music/Management and DIB Entertainment)



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Parker Edison (of P&T/FamRoyal) San Diego, California

At a time when many artists clog Twitter feeds and Facebook timelines with incessant, ALL CAPS self-promotion, Parker &TheNumberman lay in the cut, quietly rebirthing the “cool.” It’s the same type of cool that Miles Davis fathered in 1957. Parker & The Numberman’s name and music are already being passed around like San Diego’s best kept secret. But soon, everyone will be in on that secret too. ... more

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Track Name: Name Names
" we can start the show.."
Track Name: Elefants
"someone d-d-different"
Track Name: Late nite in Gotham
"you been smoking/you been drinkin/you with your homegirls and your thinkin"
Track Name: Trips (feat T-Stanz of Six9teen)
"trips upon trips, now how long will each trip last?" - T-Stanz
Track Name: Apefood (street mix) feat Piff PCH and Odessa Kane
"this remind me of Lyricist Lounge or like a Black Moon b-side..." - Marti Lona
Track Name: Essdee Statamind (feat T-Stanz of Six9teen)
"rappers? i monkeyflip em."
Track Name: LMK (lmmekno)
"let's take it back to Meadowbrook/ King Rhons the chef who took/ the time to put the art of rhyme between those elementary books/ edu-tainment/ edu-cated/ your protégé to go for fame/ pass up all the coke that came/ his way and and hit the books and study/ buddy, they will learn the name/ P&T, Good Morning Gents/ School of rock/ Getting A's at being G's.."